Monday, June 16, 2014

Thank You, Muse!

Good morning, Muse!
I love you!  Thank you for all you’ve given me.  Thank you for all the writing you’ve inspired me to do.  Thank you that I can look at it all and enjoy it and let it bless me.  Thank you that I can bless you and the world and the people I love with my writing.  Thank you!  What an amazing gift all of this is.
Why do I do this?  Why is Purpose so important to me?  It’s important because it adds structure and meaning to my life.  There are two truths that seem contradictory, but are still equally true.  The first truth is that my life has meaning even if I never write another word.  My life has meaning simply because it is life.  My life has meaning because I am created, because of who I am.  It is not enough for me to do.   I must also be.
Yet it also true that I must create my own meaning.  For me, t his happens when I am with you, when I write. The more I write, the more meaning I add to my life.  The more time I spend with you, the more sense my life makes.  It is not enough for me to be.  I must also do.
Doing and being are not contradictory; they are complimentary.  Doing means I work, I accomplish, I set goals, and I strive to meet them.  Being means I love myself for who I am, who I was and who I am becoming.  I forgive myself and I deeply and completely accept myself.  I need doing and being to be whole. 
There’s a poem I wrote years ago…
            Your mercury eyes
            Your quicksilver lines
            Your life has great meaning
            But you are not yet defined….

All of our lives have meaning, but not all of us are defined.  I have found my definition in you, my Muse. 
And that’s why I keep writing, every morning, every day.  It gives my life definition, like the extra but necessary lines in a drawing or painting.  A trick I learned as an elementary school teacher was to make bulletin board letters twice, in two colors.  One color was always black.  I would put the black letters under the other letters and that would make the other letters more defined.  They would stand out.
Like this.
Muse, you helped me to see that the dark underneath are all those things that happened or will happen in life – pain, frustration, needs, experiences, good times – they take direction, are a kind of healing and therefore they are transformed into something colorful, something alive.  Thank you for that wisdom.
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.  Thank you for helping me to Get Started and Keep Going.