Thursday, June 12, 2014

Random Thoughts...

I want to share some random thoughts, mostly for the purpose of doing on more blog and getting that much closer to my goal.
·      Last night I went to bed early and got up at 5:00.  By 7:00, I had done a Morning Write and written a blog.  That gave me time in the morning to enjoy my day.  My goal is to start getting up at 5:00 every morning.  It really gives me a head start on my day.
·      Right now I can hear someone’s TV playing.  I wonder why television is so prevalent.  I’ve lived without one for over a year and I haven’t missed it a bit.  It’s not that I hate it.  That would be too great an expenditure of energy.  It’s just that I don’t want to give away two hours or more a night doing nothing.   Honestly, I prefer the quiet.
·      When I was 13 years old, I used to live in Misawa, Japan.  The Far East Network (FEN) radio station would play old radio shows.  I loved those shows and enjoyed them far more than television. 
·      Once in a while something came on television in those days that I liked.  The Fifth Dimension, a popular group at the time (The Age of Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In) had a show I enjoyed.  I felt like I was part of something magical while watching that show.
·      I think I was also lonely at that time and I had to learn to create my own magic, by contributing to the world.
·      I contributed to a small part of the world around that time, when Larry Keelan, Diane and Danny Fiester and I produced, wrote and starred in a play called Gransel and Hetel.  I don’t remember much about it except that I didn’t want to do it at first, but it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.  We made a lot of people laugh, especially kids.  Later that day, while looking for my brother to bring him home for dinner, a kid looked at me and said, “Mom, that’s the guy who was in that play.”  It was my first brush with celebrity.
·      Soon after, I left Japan.  I always wonder how my friends turned out.  Larry got in a lot of trouble shortly after I left.   He and some other kids broke into the base cafeteria.   He was with a foster family at the time.  I saw the family less than a year later, in Monterey, California but without Larry.  They wanted nothing more to do with him.  It made me sad.  How could a family leave their child, even a foster child?  It was a question I’ve asked most of my life. 
·      Larry was one of the smartest kids I had ever met, but he was just a kid, and a pretty damaged kid at that.  I still think of him often.  He could be arrogant, mean, and rude.  But he wasn’t cruel.  He was just in a lot of pain.  And he was my friend. 
·      I’ve had a lot of people I’ve had to say goodbye to and a lot more I never got to say goodbye to.  I hope I find them again.  At the same time, I count myself fortunate, just because I met those people in the first place.    My life has been rich and full.  I’ve been very blessed.
·      I’m especially blessed that I created my own blessings by learning how to Get Started and Keep Going.