Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Small Step

“The way to do it is small steps, you will take hold of life. You will get there in the end.”

Louis Sachar

I think this will be a short blog.  It’s not that late, but I’m tired and I keep making typing mistakes.  The purpose of this blog is the blog itself.  My job is to finish it so that I stay aligned with my goals.  I don’t mind writing a short blog.  Short steps are better than no steps at all and sometimes they’re even better than long steps.  Why is that?  Sometimes moving forward a little is better for my physical and emotional health.  I don’t need to be a fanatic or burn myself out.  I just need to keep moving forward.
So this will be a short step, a small one.  I just need to Get Started and Keep Going, one step at a time, small step or large.