Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Some Reminders About the Enemy

Today the Enemy struck harder than usual.  I could not seem to get my work done.  So, for my own sake I’m going to write some reminders that will encourage me the next time I can’t seem to get my work done.   I don’t like to focus on the Enemy, but it’s not safe to forget the Enemy either.  Otherwise, I can get hit by a sneak attack.
1.     The Enemy visits every day.  The only days he doesn’t visit are the days I have no goals, dreams, hopes, or desires.  It doesn’t need to visit on those days because my battle has already been lost.
2.     Hoping the Enemy won’t come that is like hoping that there will be no weather that day.
3.     The Enemy doesn’t hate and attack me because of who I am.  It hates and attacks because of who it is.  I’m not special in this regard.
4.     At the same time, I am special.  That’s another reason the Enemy attacks – to keep me from learning how special I am, how special we all are.
5.     There is no end the Enemy’s tricks.
6.     The Enemy doesn’t get tired.  I do.
7.     The Enemy doesn’t get discouraged.  I do.
8.     The Enemy doesn’t get distracted.  I do.
9.     The Enemy never gives up.  Sometimes I do. But I don’t have to.
10.  I’m tired now and I want to give up.
11.  The more important your Purpose, and it may be the most important thing in your life, the more the Enemy will attack.
12.  No matter how bad I think it is, the Enemy cannot stand against work that is done consistently.
13.  The Enemy loves it when we are in Purpose for any other reason but love.
14.  Though the Enemy’s methods may be surprising, the fact that it attacks regularly and constantly should not be surprising.
15.  Though it is not a guarantee, getting up early every day, usually gives me a huge advantage.  I have an hour or two before the world wakes up.
16.  If a day doesn’t go well, don’t waste time worrying about it.  Just do better the next day.
17.  One of the tricks of the Enemy is to cause you to look at your setbacks rather than your successes.
18.  This work is serious – so have fun.
19.  Get Started.
20.  Keep Going.