Friday, June 20, 2014

Here Are Some Things That Might Make Things Easier

Here are some things that might make things easier.
·      Tell the truth. 
·      Forgive others.
·      Forgive yourself.
·      Laugh.
·      Be kind.
·      Remember that each day is a new chance.
·      Pray for the sick.
·      Pray for those in despair.
·      Breathe.
·      Exercise.
·      Set goals that are difficult.
·      Practice gratitude.
·      Stay close to your children physically when they are young so that you can stay close to them emotionally when they are older.
·      Find your Purpose.
·      Live out your Purpose.
·      Get some sleep.
·      Remember that the Purpose of all battles is to have victories.
·      Fight for yourself. 
·      Fight for others whom no one else will fight for.
·      Spend as much time as you can in your Purpose.
·      Don’t spend too much time in the past.
·      Don’t spend too much time in the future except to plan for it.
·      Get up early.  It can really make a difference.
·      Don’t mess with your Muse.  Do your work.
·      Your work is to pay attention to your Muse.
·      Get Started.
·      Keep Going.