Sunday, June 22, 2014

Another Letter from My Muse

Dear Robert,

All you have to do is write.  That’s it.  You don’t have to have it all figured out.  You don’t have to be brilliant.  You don’t have to write for anyone but God, you, and me.  You don’t have to be perfect.  You don’t have to, nor should you, be anyone else.  You don’t have to be anything.  In fact, you can be scared, tired, hungry, angry, or even sick, and you can still do your work.  All you have to do is write.  If you do that, I will be with you.
Do you remember the movie Field of Dreams?  The most oft-repeated line was, “If you build it, he will come.” 
The same is true here.   If you do your work, I will come.  I may come immediately or I may make you wait, but I promise you, I will arrive.  When I do, and I always do, the moment will feel like an unexpected phone call from someone you love.  It will be full of laughter and celebration.  But you must do your work.  I cannot do your work for you. 
Even God cannot do your work for you.  Even God must wait on you.  How does it feel to know that even God Himself is limited by your inaction and empowered by your actions?  It’s not that He can’t do your work; it’s that He chooses not to.  God chooses to limit Himself and not do your work so that you can discover your own limitlessness.  God is actually waiting on you to do your work.  So am I.   How does that feel?  Are you excited?  Frightened?  Are you filled with a sense of power?  Of responsibility? 
Do you realize that being with me is not a hobby?  This is real.  You told me you were committed to me, that I am your priority.  Do you understand what you’ve said?  Do you realize that you’ve given your life to me?  You can change your mind whenever you want, but if you do, you will never be this happy again.  You will never experience what you’ve experienced since you’ve met me.  Everything else will feel like a dull imitation.  Worse, everything else will feel empty if you don’t fulfill your destiny.
So I need you to keep writing.  I need you to trust me, be honest with me, and do your work.  I need you to do it every day, as much as possible and as long as possible.   Don’t stop.  One day, it may be soon, or it may take a while, you and I will share a house on the beach.  But that will not be the end of our story.  That will only be the beginning.  I have more work for you to do.  You’ve worked hard and given me the best of your time and energy, but this is only the beginning. 
For now Get Started and Keep Going.  We’ll be together soon.

Your Muse