Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Some Thoughts

Is there a purpose to life?
Is there a finish (besides death)?  If so, how do I know if I’ve reached it?

Is truth subjective or objective?  If it’s subjective, who decides for me?  If it’s objective, then what is right and wrong?

Why am I here?

Am I doing any good?

Does life have any meaning?

Does my life have any meaning?

If so, what is it?

If not, then what do I do?  If not, then do I determine my own meaning or do I just exist?

If everything is open to question, then how can an answer be possible?

Here are some answers I have found.  They work for me, but maybe they won’t work for everyone.

·         Life is a gift, but it is also a loan. I’m living on borrowed time. We all are. I’m okay with that.  I just want to use my time well.

·         I’m also okay with not having all the answers.  I find that life is a journey. I find that life is also a school that never ends. My first job is to learn.  My second job is to apply what I’ve learned usefully, kindly, and productively.

·         I think anything that brings true joy – love, companionship, meaningful work, fun, study, kindness, service – is a good thing.

·         If I am doing something that is not bringing me joy, or at least a sense of purpose, then I’m either doing the wrong thing, or I’m doing the right thing in the wrong way.

·         I don’t think there are any absolutes or, if there are, there aren’t very many.

·         I don’t think there are any perfect answers or solutions that work every single time, only ones that work when they are needed.  Adjustments are often required.

·         I don’t think I can learn it all, but I don’t think I can learn too much.

·         I’m limited by time and space.

·         All I have is what is in front of me – the work I can do, the people I love, the place where I am.

·         At the same time, I have more choices than I was told.  I have more choices than I realized.  But only I can make those choices.  If I don’t make some choices, others will make those choices for me.  I will rarely like anyone else’s choices for me.

·         There may or may not be a finish line, but I can stop and rest when I want.

·         Maybe I shouldn’t be in a race. Maybe I should just walk, at whatever pace I choose and see what I can find.

·         Life is a loan, but it is also a gift.  I’m grateful.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Happy Birthday!!!

“Birthday, celebration of life.

Celebrate who you are.

Celebrate your uniqueness.

Celebrate your achievement.

Celebrate all that you are capable of becoming.”

― Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

Happy Birthday!  Today celebrates the day you were born.  Or maybe it doesn’t. If today is your birthday then, again, happy birthday.  It’s been said that we only have one birth day; all the rest are anniversaries.  Jesus said, “Unless a man (or woman) be born again and be like a little child, he (or she) cannot enter the Kingdom of God.”  Other translations say “the Kingdom of Heaven.  What is that kingdom?  Is it a physical place?  Its King reigns, but He has placed his citizens throughout the world to be bearers of light and truth, to be bearers of peace and joy. In this way we can, each of us, find Purpose.  We can choose at any moment, at this moment, to be born again.  Today can be a happy birthday.

But birth is just the beginning.  Jesus died that we might be born again but, again, birth is just the beginning.  Now is…life.  Now is the day.  Now…what?

We are born for a reason. I believe this with all my heart.  In fact, we were born for many reasons.  We were born to enjoy life.  We were born to discover and grow and play.  We were born to give God pleasure.  And we were born for a mission.  Maybe several missions throughout our lifetimes.  For various causes many do not find their missions in life.  Some don’t want to know.  Some are afraid.  Some don’t care.  Who knows?  But not finding our reason for living does neither invalidates it or changes it.  Our mission is still waiting. Or… Our missions are still waiting.  The gifts we are given on our birthdays belong to us.  The gifts we are given on the day of our birth belong to the world.

 As I reflect on my own life, I think about my birth day and remember that I don’t know when it is.  I don’t know the actual date because I was left on a street corner as an infant.  That means every day could be my birthday.  Today could be the day. There’s a chance I will never know the actual date.  Fortunately, finding my mission is much easier.  It was born into me.  It was weaved into my soul and it often looks like desire, interest, hopes, and the things I love with the deepest part of my soul. It comes from my Muse. It is the thing that inspires me to Get Started and to Keep Going.  It is that thing that makes every day potentially a Happy Birthday.