Sunday, June 22, 2014

Spending My Time

There are endless ways I could spend my time right now.  Some ways would be beneficial and a blessing to others and to me.  Other ways would be neutral, neither harming nor helping me.  Finally, some ways would be destructive and harmful to others and to me.  I use the words “to others and to me” because my actions affect others.  If I do things that bless me, I feel better and happier, and I can be a blessing to others.  If I do my work, I can bless others first, but it also blesses me, simply to do my work. 
The neutral things aren’t bad.  It’s not bad that I go on Facebook or play online games or check my e-mail or eBay.  It doesn’t hurt anyone, but these activities do take time away from doing my work, from living out my best life.  It’s okay to relax, but I need to be clear and what my priorities are so that relaxation doesn’t become avoidance or procrastination.
The destructive and harmful ways are obvious.  Sometimes their pull is very strong.  This may be why the world is in such a mess.
So, as I said, though I could be spending my time differently, I choose to write.  I choose to spend time with my Muse.   The good news is that there are other good ways I could spend my time.  This is why it’s good to have more than one Purpose, or several ways to reach one Purpose.  Having several activities that move me towards my goals means that I never have to waste time, unless I choose to do so.  And if I choose to do so, then it’s not a waste of time, but a conscious choice.
The ability to make conscious choices is critical.  Otherwise, I allow events and people to make my choices for me.  That rarely turns out well.  So I sit here and write, as a conscious choice.  Maybe I’m not even writing anything good.  Maybe this is nothing original.  I don’t care.  I want control of my life and my choices.  I want control of my time.  As I write this, I realize I still give much of my time to others to meet their needs and desires.  Perhaps this is part of the compromise of living in relationship with others.  It’s probably not healthy to spend all of my time alone.  Nor would I want to.  But I truly enjoy this time, this time of writing, this time of Purpose. 
I wonder, if all of us were more conscious of our choices, if more of us didn’t instantly react to events and to other people’s demands, would the world be a calmer and happier place?  I think it would be.  But I can’t change the world.  I can only change myself and hope that others can be inspired through example.  I want to be calmer and happier.
Ironically, I have other activities I have committed to doing today.  They are good things to do, but I’d also be happy to stay here and write.  So what do I do when I have other things to do?  The following reminders help:
·      Do them with gratitude.  I can be grateful that my life allows different and new experiences, even ones I might naturally resist.  I don’t need to complain.  I can be grateful.
·      Do them with presence.  I want to commit fully to where I am at each moment (which is often difficult for me).  This leads to peace and joy.
·      Do them with love.  Not everything has to be about me or what I want.  There is a world of people who all have needs and my love for them may be able to help them meet those needs.
·      Do them with integrity.  If I said I would do it, then I should.  It’s that simple.  If I change my mind, then fine.  Otherwise, I need to refer to the three ideas above.

There are more ways to joy, more ways to spend my time.  Now it’s time to Get Started and Keep Going…because that’s the best way to spend my time.