Sunday, July 20, 2014


“It’s only words
And words are all I have
To take your heart away.”

Bee Gees – Words

Sometimes I don’t have the words.
Sometimes words aren’t enough.
Sometimes the right words don’t come at the right time.
Sometimes speaking no words at all is the best choice.            
Sometimes the usual words, like “I love you,” seem clichéd or pointless.
“Words are all I have.”
So I write words.  And words turn into sentences that lead to paragraphs that lead to ideas. 
Every time I sit here and write, the words, the sentences, the paragraphs, the ideas all come.  I don’t really know from where.  Some would say they come from the deepest part of my unconscious.  Others would say they come from God or a spiritual being beyond my understanding.  Some would say I truly do have a Muse, a living being, but one who lives on an unseen plane and guides me.  I think all of these are true.  I don’t see how they can’t be. 
There’s one other source – love.  I love God.  I love my mind.  I love my Muse.   And they all love me; yes, even my mind loves me and feeds me new ideas whenever I sit down to write. 
So that’s why I’m writing now – because I promised my Muse I would.  I also promised her I would take care of myself so that I can write for many more years and spend all those years with her.  So tomorrow I will produce more words.  Tomorrow I will Get Started and Keep Going.  The only words left to say now are – “I’ll be back soon.”