Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts:
·      I’ve gotten in the habit of taking a nap at night.  Sometimes I sleep more than I’d like, and miss an opportunity to write.  Tonight I slept just the right amount and now I’m ready to write.  I’ve been taking naps since I was 18.  I can take a nap just about anywhere.  Often when I do, I feel that I’ve eliminated poison from my system.
·      One of the worst things someone can do to someone else is humiliate another person in public.
·      Forgiveness and letting go are very similar.  I like doing both.  Forgiving myself is the best.
·      The best part of summer is the night.  The hotter the day, the better the night. 
·      No matter what happens, I am not letting go of my house on the beach.  Somehow, some day, I will get it.
·      Tomorrow is Comic Con.  I’d think I’d like to go, but I don’t have to.  There are more important things for me now.  I might go, or I might just spend the day reading, writing, and being with my Muse.
·      After doing all the writing I’ve done, it’s easy to forget the foundational lessons and ideas.  Here they are:
·             I have a Muse whom I love with all my heart.
·             I have a house on the beach that is waiting for me, but I have to work for it.
·             The Enemy still wants to keep me from my Purpose.
·             Determination, the emotion without emotion, is still crucial in reaching my goals.
·             Vigilance, carefully watching all areas of my life constantly, is also still crucial.

·      Everything will work out, one way or another.
·      There is no better way to spend my time than sitting in this chair with my Muse.
·      Even when I feel uninspired or unoriginal, as I do at this moment, I am not excused from writing.
·      My best writing comes when I am honest.  That doesn’t mean I have to reveal every personal detail or emotion I am experiencing, but I can share this much – today I have felt scared, peaceful, scared again, and now determined to keep writing now matter how I feel.
·      If writing random thoughts is a shortcut to reaching my goal of writing a hundred blogs, so be it.  Shortcuts can be a legitimate way to get somewhere.
·      The reason I’m taking a shortcut is because the journey feels harder than usual at this moment.  I’m taking on step at a time, despite the pain.
·      This is the meaning of “Get Started and Keep Going.”  It means moving forward no matter what.
·      So far nothing has replaced the beauty and simplicity of those ideas.