Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vacation and Gratitude

“Here's to a vacation of no regrets!”

Joan Rylen

I feel like I’ve been walking for the last three days.  Mostly I have.  First it was Santa Cruz.  Yesterday and today it was San Francisco. My feet actually hurt, even with my new shoes.  My daughter and I saw Haight-Ashbury, the Castro district and Fisherman’s Wharf.  We saw two museums, the Italian district, and we took a boat cruise.  We had a great time, but I’m exhausted.  I’m only writing because I was reminded that Get Started and Keep Going applies even when I’m tired.
Still I’m not going to write long.  I’m simply grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to do this, even when I don’t feel like it.  I’m also grateful for the following:
·      Though my feet hurt, at least I have feet and least I can walk.
·      I’m with my daughter.
·      We found a room in the heart of the city for a very reasonable price.
·      We’re safe.
·      We’ve eaten well.
·      We’re not on a clock. 
·      We’re not homeless, on drugs, or out of our minds like many of the street people in the area.  Not only do we have a decent hotel, we have a home to return to when this trip is over.
·      Our car is safe and parked (with in-and-out privileges).
·      We’re enjoying each other’s company (most of the time).

There’s not much more I can ask for, but those things…and maybe a little more energy.