Saturday, July 26, 2014

Some Day

“Heaven will happen someday, but let's not wait. Heaven can start now.”

Eric Samuel Timm

This summer I had many small victories and one large one:  I got organized.  For years my life, my workspace, and my living spaces have been messy and disorganized.  This summer whatever needed to happen internally happened.  I’ve cleaned my trunk, glove compartment, and garage.  I know where things are.  Best of all, I got a lot of things out of my life. 
I think there is supposed to be an order to the universe.  One way to facilitate that order is to put things where they belong.   I realized I was keeping many things that no longer belonged to me, but were still in my possession.  They belonged in the trash, in the recycle bin, in a thrift store, or with someone else.  So I reduced the amount of my possessions by giving away, throwing away, putting away, or recycling thousands of things.   I also put away stuff that has been misplaced for twenty years or more.  I put pictures in photo albums.  I donated things to people or organizations that needed them.  I sold a few things on eBay, giving other people the opportunity to use and enjoy them, and pay me beside.  Each thing that I moved was one less thing in my life.  And it was one more thing to someone who wanted it.  That is order. 
It may seem orderly to have something stored in a garage that hasn’t been touched in years and probably won’t be touched for several more years, if at all.  But having stuff for no reason is chaotic.  It takes up space.  It’s one more thing to consider.  It’s one more thing that just…well…sits there…like an eyesore.  I had boxes full of this stuff following me around because “I might need it someday.”
What will I really need on that nebulous “some day?”  What will I want in the last years of my life?  Probably only the following:
·      Yearbooks
·      Photo albums
·      Books of personal importance
·      Enough money in the bank to take care of my loved ones and myself
·      The deed to my house on the beach
·      My health
·      Purpose
·      My Muse
·      A lot of good books
·      Notebooks and a lot of pens so I can write every morning

Everything else just seems excessive and burdensome.  What I will also really need “some day” is what I need today – peace.  I can get peace far more easily when my life, my mind, and my physical spaces aren’t cluttered.  When my life isn’t cluttered I can Get Started and Keep Going far more easily… and I can do that all the way to “some day.”