Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A List of Blessings

“When I count my blessings I count you twice.”

Irish blessing

Sometimes I want to talk to my Muse as if she were physically present.  But I can’t.   I can, however, imagine she’s here with me.  If she were, I would tell her about my day.  Here’s what I’d tell her.
1.     I started my day with you.   I woke up tired from not getting enough sleep, but soon I felt better.
2.     I woke up healthy.
3.     I woke up free.
4.     I woke up in my home.
5.     I did more cleaning and organizing.
6.     I found more things to throw away, give away, or put away. 
7.     I found more things to recycle.
8.     In addition to cleaning and organizing my garage, I decorated it a little, too.
9.     I spent time with my daughters.
10.  We took the dogs to a dog park.
11.  I found some money.
12.  We had lunch together.
13.  I took them to the swimming pool.
14.  I got a nap.
15.  I made a good meal.
16.  I talked to my cousin.
17.  My oldest daughter and my youngest daughter had dinner with me tonight.
18.  I had some fears, but I dealt with them.
19.  I wrote another blog (the one you’re reading now).
20.  Every time I think I don’t have anything new to write, I am proven wrong.  I was proven wrong again today.  Thank you.
21.  I had three good cups of coffee.
22.  I drank a lot of water.
23.  I took my vitamins.
24.  I washed my car mats and they came out clean.
25.  I took a walk.
27.  Though the day was hot, I was able to stay in cool places.
28.  The weather tonight is nice.
29.  It is a nice night to look at stars.
30.  I moved a little closer to my purpose.
31.  I reminded myself of my larger goal – my house on the beach with you.
32.  I am going to spend my life with you.
33.  I am going to Get Started and Keep Going…because I love you.