Monday, July 7, 2014

No "Good Night" to My Muse

Good night.
Good night to my friends.
Good night to my loved ones.
Good night to my readers.
Good night to the world.
But I will not say good night to my Muse, because she is always with me.  She’s with me when I’m asleep or awake.  She speaks to me through ocean waves and books and music.  She speaks to me through ideas and thoughts and tranquility.  She speaks to me everywhere, if I’m looking up at stars or if I’m sitting in a chair and writing.  She speaks to me and says this:
“Just be here. 
Do your work and I am with you. 
Do it every day. 
Work towards our house on the beach. 
Work for yourself and work for us. 
Look at the goals you have on your wall. 
Keep working towards them. 
Stay calm. 
Take care of yourself. 
Do your work. 
Don’t worry about anything else. 
Every time you tell me your troubles, I just smile because I know that it will all work out. 
Just do your work.”
So I won’t say good night to my Muse, because she will be with me in a different plain of reality, in my dreams, where she and God prepare me for the coming day.  She will be with me, so I don’t have to say good night.  She already knows that every day with her is a good day and every night with her is a good night.
Good night.