Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ten Favorite Comic Book Costumes

In order to not forget my roots as a comic book geek, I present, for your viewing pleasure ten of my favorite comic book costumes.  I'm not sure why I like these; I just do. Enjoy:

1.  Stingray - Marvel Comics

2.  Kid Flash - DC Comics.  His original costume was an exact copy of the Flash's costume.  For some reason, I hated that even though I love the Flash's costume.

3.  Here's the Flash (DC Comics) by the way:

4.  This is perhaps my favorite superhero and costume ever:  Goliath II

Bowen Designs Clint Barton Goliath Statue Sneak Peek

5.  A lot of people make fun of Aquaman (DC Comics), but I love the character and I love the costume!

6.  I like giants, like Goliath II, but I like little guys, too!  The Atom (DC Comics)
Atom Filmation DC Comics Hero TV Television Cartoon Opening Theme Song

7.  The Black Panther.  Different artists have added a cape and other accessories, or colored him gray instead of midnight blue, but I love this sleek and simple look.

8.  Like many characters, Iron Man has had several versions of his costume.  His "classic" armor is my favorite.

9.  Yellowjacket (Marvel)  What a great costume.  In some versions, he has a gun that stings his enemies.

10.Always one of my favorite heroes!  Daredevil (Marvel Comics)