Monday, November 18, 2013


It is not a question of what a Spartan citizen should do, nor a husband, nor a king. Instead, ask yourself, my dearest love, what should a free man do?

We did what we were trained to do, what we were bred to do, what we were born to do!

Give them nothing! But take from them everything!

Freedom isn’t free at all. It comes with the highest cost, the cost of blood.

300 – The movie

300.  This is my 300th blog.  For some reason I decided to watch the movie 300, thinking it might give me inspiration.  It was indeed inspiring.  As a fictional depiction of the historical Battle of Thermopylae between the Spartans and the Persians, it was also frightening.  It caused me to consider what I am doing with my life and ask how far I want to go.
Though there is debate about several aspects of the film, including its historical accuracy and ignoring some of the less noble aspects of the Spartans, I am choosing, for the purpose of this blog to take the film and its message at face value.  In that light, it is a story about men who were willing to die for their Purpose.
So that begs the question, “Am I willing to die for my purpose?” 
A more important question might be, “Am I willing to give my life to my Purpose?”
There’s a difference.  Dying happens once.  Giving my life happens every day.
I’m not a Spartan warrior.  I can barely handle paper cuts.  But I’ve learned in the process of writing 300 blogs that something better awaits me, when I give my life to my Purpose.  Difficulties also await me, but they will come no matter what I do with my life.  So I might as well give my life over to something meaningful.
What does it mean to give my life over?   And what do I consider meaningful?
To answer the first question, giving my life over means the following:
·      I discipline myself to do the things I’m called to do and be.
·      I create better habits.
·      I give up certain things or reduce my time with them, even if I enjoy them.
·      I don’t fill my days with entertainment or distractions.
·      I work to get better at the things I’m called to do and be.
·      I plan my days, weeks, months and years around my Purpose.
·      I carefully choose relationships based on my Purpose.
·      I ask for continual and constant guidance from God because otherwise I cannot live out my Purpose.

What then do I consider meaningful?  I consider meaningful the goals that have been placed in my heart:
·      A house near the beach
·      To be peaceful and joyful as long as and as often as possible
·      To be in a healthy relationship with God
·      To have all my relationships be healthy and loving
·      To have spiritually and emotionally healthy children
·      To have enough money to provide for my children and grandchildren
·      To bless as many people as possible with my writing, speaking and teaching
·      To study and learn in order to grow spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and professionally.
·      To make a positive difference in the work I do.

Hopefully I won’t have to die for any of these things, and hopefully I’ll be able to live for all of them.  I see no way to have a life worth living, otherwise.
That’s it.  300.  I learned to Get Started and Keep Going.  Tomorrow I will have to learn it again.  I will have to learn it every day.  That’s what it means to give my life.  That’s what it means to be a warrior for Purpose.