Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Break in the Battle

Take the first step, and your mind will mobilize all its forces to your aid. But the first essential is that you begin. Once the battle is startled, all that is within and without you will come to your assistance.

Robert Collier

It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle.

Richard M. DeVos

A good battle plan that you act on today can be better than a perfect one tomorrow.

General George Patton

Today was a break in the battle.  But it was that way because I kept fighting.  I got a lot of things done that moved me towards my goals.  Then I had this picture in my head that I was going to stay up a couple of more hours and maybe read some comic books, but I think I’m ready for bed.  I got a lot done today and I’m feeling good.  Well, actually I’m feeling encouraged, but physically, I’ve felt better.  Right now I have a sore throat.  I’m also very cold and I can’t get warm.  So I’m going to go to bed early so I can feel better in the morning. 
Getting a lot done was very encouraging.  It made the whole day go well.  And while I don’t know if they’re related or coincidental, I had some other nice things happen that weren’t part of my goals, like a phone call from my cousin.  I’ve often wondered if I do the things I’m supposed to do, that other good, and seemingly unrelated things happen.  It seems to be that way sometimes.

(An hour and a half later.)
I slept for a while, but now I feel worse.  I’m still cold and my stomach’s upset.  So I’m going to drink some peppermint tea and go back to bed.  This blog may be shorter than usual, but at least it’s going to get done. I’m not feeling well, but I’m well enough to do this.  I want to do this because
1.     I said I would.
2.     If I’m really feeling badly tomorrow or any day, then this is a little more work I don’t have to think about later.

That’s an important principle:  to prepare for the worst.  Because of my optimistic nature, I rarely plan for the worst.  Listening to Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog, I realize it’s good to be a long-range planner.  That might mean preparing for the worst.  Or it might just mean enjoying the best and planning for and creating a better future.  Still, if I am getting sick (and I don’t think I am), it will be good to get as much work done as possible while I still can.  It’s always good to use my time well.  The other good news, if I am getting sick (and I don’t think I am) is that I can take tomorrow off without causing too much trouble at work.
However, I don’t want to be sick.
I wouldn’t mind staying home because it looks cold and wet outside, like it’s about to rain.  But if I did stay home, I spend the day reading, writing and studying.  I kept to myself today because I had a sore throat and it was nice to get things done. 
That’s all I have to say now.  I want to get back under the blankets and try to get warm.  I’m glad I was well enough to write this blog and get closer to my goal.  I feel very grateful for all the good that happened today.  The last two days have felt like major battles.  Today was a break in the battle.  But even in the battle, I knew good things were happening.
Friday was a difficult day.  When I got home, I was miserable and I wanted to take a nap so that I could sleep through my unhappiness.  Then I felt something say, “Clean your place.”  So I did.  When I did I felt infinitely better.  My place looked orderly.  I did something physical.  I obeyed the voice.
I think the voice was God.  I think He was telling me to clean my place for three reasons:
1.     I needed something to do.
2.     He was showing me He was still actively involved in even the smallest details of my life just when I was sure He was gone for good, or at least for a while.
3.     My place needed cleaning.

It was a very nice moment in a very difficult day and it turned my day and my attitude around.  Today, the battle subsided.  I have no doubt I will engage in battle again and soon.  But for now I’m going to rest and get ready for the next.  Tomorrow I will Get Started and Keep Going.