Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Superman and Purpose II

What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely.”

Christopher Reeve

And the spirit of Superman is great to have around.

Brandon Routh

What's special about Superman is that he will always make the right choice.

Max Landis

Clark Kent

If I didn’t have a Purpose and if I didn’t have to work (and that didn’t make me crazy) I would spend a lot more time reading comic books.  Although I rarely go to a comic book store anymore and I haven’t bought a new comic in about a year, I still love the art form and I’m still fond of superheroes.  One of my favorites is the premiere superhero, Superman.
Though Superman is recognized the world over and though many people even know he’s Clark Kent, what most people don’t realize, and many writers have neglected, is that Clark Kent is a writer.  Technically, he’s a journalist or a reporter for the Daily Planet, but he’s also written two novels.  Wikipedia says:
(Kent is) a successful author and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer (for his journalism), which includes at least two original novels, The Janus Contract, and Under a Yellow Sun.[9] Furthermore, Clark's motivations for his professional writing were deepened as both a love for the art that "contributes at least as much social good as his Superman activities" and as a matter of personal fulfillment in an intellectual field in which his abilities give no unfair competition to his colleagues beyond typing extraordinarily fast.

Being a reporter, Superman is often under the pressure of deadlines and accuracy.   I understand both.  Granted, I’ve created my own deadline, but it’s a deadline nonetheless.  I wish I could write with super speed or had unlimited energy.  I’m lucky on most occasions to write without letting myself be interrupted.
I’m not Superman though.  I don’t have super stamina or super speed.  My only powers are a little bit of talent and a lot of determination.  And I tell myself this: Every day I write, no matter how much or how little, I’m just like Superman.  So I write every day. I don’t always want to, but like Superman, I try to make the right choice.   I Get Started and I Keep Going…up, up and away!