Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.

John F. Kennedy

If you don't make things happen then things will happen to you.

Robert Collier

I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.

Michael Jordan

It’s so nice to be here.  It’s nice to have time to write.  In looking at my blog statistics I noticed that the blog, This is Embarrassing got a few more readers than usual.  I wonder if the negativity in the title attracted people.   It wasn’t a significant increase, but it was an increase nonetheless.   What does this say about my readers?  About this blog?  About me?  Should I make all my titles negative?  (No.)
What’s discouraging is that I still don’t have the number of readers I’d like.  How many is that, by the way?  A million would be good.  I’d even be happy with a half a million.  Or even a hundred thousand. 
Perhaps I’m focusing too much on the results.  Perhaps what I should be concerned about is getting this blog done.  I have 12 days to write 22 blogs in order to reach my goal of 365.  I have work to do.  Still, it might be nice to get a little recognition for my work.  What might that be like?
Would I like it at first and then feel pressured?
Would I like it and then love it?
Would it inspire me to write more?
Would I feel pressured to write what I think people like?
Would it matter at all?
Honestly, I don’t think it would.  I make no secret that I want to be able to reach my financial goals through my writing, but the truth is, good times or bad, I would need to write every day.   This is because I am writing for reasons other than money.
·      I’m writing because I want to write.
·      I’m writing because it’s therapeutic.
·      I’m writing because I’m curious to see where it will go each time.
·      I’m writing because I enjoy partaking in the miracle of creativity, watching something come from nothing but a blank screen or a blank piece of paper.
·      I’m writing because it feels productive.
·      I’m writing because it contributes to the world. 
·      I’m writing because it’s part of my Purpose.
·      I’m writing because there are few other things on earth I’d rather do.

So, yes, if I won the lottery, or better yet, a major book contract, then very few things in my life would change.  Here’s how my life would go:
·      I’d buy my house on the beach immediately.
·      I’d set up a college fund for each of my girls.
·      I’d wake up tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.
·      I’d make my coffee.
·      I’d read Psalms and Proverbs.
·      I’d do my radio show while walking.
·      I’d take a shower.
·      I’d have breakfast.
·      I’d take care of some personal things.
·      I’d spend the next three to four hours reading and writing.

That’s pretty much how my life is now, except for the last item.  So by doing what I’m doing now, I’m creating the life I want later.  I’m preparing.  I once wrote on Facebook, “Don’t wait for opportunity; prepare for it.”
So I’m preparing. 
Yes, there’s a chance that the last item will never happen.  But there’s more of a chance that it will if I keep working.  This is what I want to do, regardless of the outcome.  To be successful, the output must be more important than the outcome.
So I Get Started and I Keep Going. 
I don’t stop. 
I don’t stop. 
I don’t stop.