Monday, December 23, 2013

A New Word for Work

I got an idea while writing my last blog and I developed it on my most recent radio show
Change the word “work” for the word “create” or “creation.”
Consider the implications.  Instead of saying, “I have to go to work,” one could say, “I have to go create something.”  Instead of working on relationships, my car, my place or my body, I could be creating instead. 
What does it mean to create?  It means to give life to something.  God’s first work was the creation of the world.  When people procreate, they bring new life into the world.   When a woman gives birth, she is taking part in a new creation.   People create the following and more:
·      Buildings
·      Works of art
·      Ideas
·      Dances
·      New business models and
·      Space
·      Technology
·       Hope
·      Good will
·      Peace
·      Prosperity
·      Writing

We can create the tangible and the intangible.    I find it interesting that we can also “make” money.  In other words, we can create additional income.  We can create success. 
Can negative things be created?  Perhaps.  But I prefer to think that negativity and evil are not so much created, as they are the results of laziness and fear.  I think God created creation, not just the heavens and earth, but the very act of creation.  So while it may be perverted or distorted, contributing evil, negativity or bad feelings to the world is as close to real creation as rape is to making love.  
Imagine, however, creating in every sphere of life.  Instead of doing housework, I’m creating a home.  Instead of the work place, it’s the place of creation.  Instead of working on myself, I’m creating myself.  Instead of doing my work, I’m creating.   I’m creating.
Creating gives me two things:  ownership and responsibility.  What I create is part of me and I am part of it.  This also causes me to be responsible.  Since my name is attached, literally or figuratively, to my creation, I want it to reflect the best of me.  All of this makes me feel more enthusiastic about everything I’m doing.  I’m creating.  I have the power to bring life, beauty and something new into the world every day…and even several times a day.
So, as I said on my radio show, I no longer want to work.  I’d rather create.  I’d rather bring life, beauty and something new into the world as often as possible.   When I do, I am partnering with God, who is the Great Creator.  I am becoming like God and God has no self-esteem issues.
I can reduce if not end my self-esteem issues, too.  I just need to Get Started and Keep Going…and start creating.