Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some Choices

Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made.

Wayne Dyer

The talent is in the choices.

Robert De Niro

Nobody is perfect, but life is about choices.
LL Cool J

I’m tired.  I tried writing about an hour ago, but I couldn’t do it.  All I wrote was stuff that was negative and unhelpful.  So I took a nap and I decided to try again.  If I don’t do any better this time, then I’m going back to sleep.
I feel much better for having taken a nap.  I made a commitment to be in bed by 11:30 so I had better write quickly if I want this blog done.  So here are some thoughts that are running through my head.
·     Almost all my successes and failures in life have been the result of choices I made or wouldn’t make.
·     I don’t have to write this blog.  I choose to.
·     There are people who have disappointed me, but through their actions they warned me they would, so I chose that, too.
·     With regard to choice, there are really only two things I can ultimately choose:  my actions and my attitudes.
·     If things aren’t going the way I like, I can almost always choose something different.
·     Often that means choosing a different attitude.
·     Sometimes it means choosing different actions.
·     Sometimes I have to make choices that feel hard now, but I know will make my future better.  So those choices aren’t that hard now.
·     Choosing to keep my word is one of the most important choices I can make.
·     Choosing how to use my time is another very important choice.
·     So is choosing how I use my money.
·     Choosing friends carefully is a skill that took me a long time to learn.
·     Sometimes I think all happiness comes down to three choices:  choosing God, choosing the right partner in life and choosing the right work.
·     Choosing to write this blog instead of doing something else was a good choice.
·     So was choosing to take a nap before I wrote this blog.
·     Choosing gratitude is one of the most important skills I can develop.
·     Choosing to Get Started and to Keep Going was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.
·     Making those same two choices almost every day was an even better decision.
·     Choosing to end this blog is another good choice.