Thursday, January 9, 2014

Keep Going. Keep Going. Keep Going.

I only have a few minutes so I want to say this to anyone who is reading. 
Keep Going.
Don’t stop.
Keep going.
Get discouraged if you must.  Be tired.  Be afraid if you want to be. Feel anything you want to feel.
Keep going anyway.
The world owes you no favors and often things will happen to make your situation seem hopeless.  These things happen to test your resolve.  Discouragements and obstacles are really only asking questions.  These are the questions:
·      What do you want?
·      How badly do you want it?
·      Who are you doing it for?
·      What are you willing to give up for it?
·      How much time will you give up for it?
·      What will you do if it looks impossible?
·      When will you learn that nothing is impossible?
·      Why are you surprised when there are obstacles?
·      Will you keep going?
·      Will you keep going?
·      Will you keep going?

The answer to these questions will determine our success.  Is it possible that I answer all the questions correctly and still not get what I want?  Yes, it’s possible, but it’s not likely.  And a life spent pursuing a worthy goal is a life well spent. 
The problem is not usually the inability to attain goals.  The problem is the unwillingness to attain goals.  Very few people try, in my judgment, because they are afraid of loss, rejection, ridicule and failure.  Indeed, all of those things are possible, even likely.  But even they can be overcome.  Failure does not mean death.  It just means I have to try again, or try differently. 
My goal is a house on the beach.  That seems pretty unlikely right now.  It seems impossible.  I also want to write for a living.  Another impossible goal.  I don’t care.  Every day I will be here.  I will quit when I am dead.  There are people in this world with far less talent and ability than you and I who have succeeded.  Talent and ability are only the first two steps in any journey.  These are the other steps:
·      Determination
·      Consistency
·      Vigilance
·      Work
·      Action
Take those steps over and over and over.  Then you will get to your destination.
Is this blind optimism?  Perhaps.  I don’t think it’s blind.  I think as long as I see quite clearly the cost of the journey, I am not blind.  I know this.  The cost of not trying is far, far greater.
Keep Going.
Keep Going.
Keep Going.
In ancient literature, when something was repeated, it’s because it was crucially important.  Your Life and your Purpose are crucially important. 
Keep Going.
Get Started.
Keep Going.