Monday, January 6, 2014

More Love

“Love, only love

Can break down the walls someday.
I will be there, I will be there.”

The Scorpions – Still Loving You

“Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.”

Erich Fromm

“My, my, such a sweet thing
I want to do everything
What a beautiful feeling…”

Tommy James and the Shondells – Crimson and Clover

This morning I wrote a blog about love, but I felt like I hadn’t said enough or said it in the right way.  So, here are some other things I understand about love:
·      I may never completely understand love.
·      Loving someone feels almost exactly the same as being loved by someone.
·      Being loved by someone you love is the best feeling of all.
·      Love is a feeling.
·      Love is an action.
·      Sometimes the feeling creates the action.
·      Sometimes the action creates the feeling.
·      Love is a decision.
·      Sometimes love offers no choice, but I don’t mind.   I couldn’t choose better.
·      Love is often smarter than we are.
·      Loving someone makes that person beautiful.
·      Loving someone makes you beautiful.
·      Love really is the answer to everything.  The problem is there are many ways to love someone and different situations call for different ways to love.
·      Love takes an instant to happen and a lifetime to live out.
·      Love is fun.
·      Love is work, but the work is worth it.
·      Love is not blind.  In fact, it usually sees more clearly.
·      Love is helping someone to see someone the way you that person.
·      Love doesn’t hurt.  Love doesn’t stink.  But the lack of love does both.
·      Work I love is the best kind of work.
·      Love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and patience are all the same thing.
·      Love is worth waiting for.
·      I’d rather be alone than be in a place with no love.  They are the same place.
·      Love in the present erases the pain of the past.
·      It also erases the fear of the future.
·      Love is my goal.
·      Love is my house near the beach.
·      Love helped me to Get Started.
·      Love helps me to Keep Going.