Thursday, January 16, 2014

A New Gratitude List

There’s not a lot of time this morning, but I want to start my day off with gratitude and writing.  I’m extremely grateful for the following:
·      That every day is a second chance
·      That I have people in my life who will correct me when I’m wrong
·      That I have people in my life who will still love me when I’m wrong
·      That life is a gift
·      That life is a constant opportunity for growth
·      That life is a constant opportunity to exercise the gifts we’ve been given
·      That every time I work on my Purpose I am participating in creation
·      That I have a Muse
·      That we all have a Muse
·      That my Muse is the best
·      That every day is the beginning of a new year
·      That every day is an opportunity to reinvent myself
·      That every day is an opportunity for growth
·      That the very act of moving towards self-growth, even the smallest one is growth itself
·      That growth, while difficult and while requiring time, attention and energy, is always a good thing
·      That the need for growth proves that we are alive and will probably be alive for quite a while
·      That working late into the night, whether in a conversation about the relationship or writing or studying or painting or exercising or learning a new and better way to do things is worth the loss of a little sleep and will guarantee a better night’s sleep that night and for many nights to come
·      That late night work is not required every night
·      That sleep is a wonderful gift
·      That while it may not always seem like it, there are usually more good days than bad
·      That every day is an opportunity to change our orientation about life and realize how much we’ve been given
·      That gratitude itself is something to be grateful for
·      That time is precious and short, but that we still have a lot more of it than we realize
·      That things really aren’t as bad as they seem most of the time
·      That the way we talk about events can shape the events themselves and I can change my language to be more positive
·      That there really are very few disasters in life
·      That most events, even the difficulties, especially the difficulties, can really be the gateway to something wonderful if we allow it
·      That God did not create the worst events in our lives, He is present with us and is in pain with us
·      That God loves us, each of us, no matter what our belief system
·      That God is more interested in seeing us develop our faith rather than our beliefs
·      That every day is an opportunity to Get Started and to Keep Going.
·      That I got to write this morning
·      That I remembered to be grateful
·      That while it is time to go and while I have things to do, it is good to have places to go and things to do.