Monday, April 14, 2014

The To-Do List of Someone Who Loves Himself

As part of loving myself and taking care of myself, I’m going to do things a little differently this morning.  I’m also going to not do some things, because I love myself.  I will start with what I’m not going to do.
·      I’m not going to put myself under unneeded stress.
·      I’m not going to rush.
·      I’m not going look for quotes for this blog, because it will add stress to my morning.
·      I’m not going to allow negative thoughts to take over my day or even parts of my day.
Here’s what I am going to do, because I love myself:
·      I’m going to write until it is time to go.  When it’s time to go, I’m going to stop and get ready for my workday in a calm and unhurried manner.
·      I’m going to eat.
·      I’m going to drink water.
·      I’m going to spend time with people I love.
·      I’m going to smile.
·      If I’m sad or angry, I’m going to acknowledge that in an appropriate way.
·      I’m going to recognize that my thoughts are just thoughts.
·      I’m going to practice gratitude.
·      I’m going to write a short blog this time, because that will reduce my stress.
·      I’m going to look for God and for the good in everything I see.
·      I’m going to remember that the purpose of all battles is victory and I’m going to look for and fight for victories.
·      I’m going to keep my speech positive and uplifting.
·      I’m going to be thankful for the lessons of the past.
·      I’m going to stop living by rules and start living by faith and love.
·      I’m going to remember my house on the beach and remember that as my reason for working as hard as I do.
·      I’m going to be grateful that I can write.
·      I’m going to be realistic about what’s good in me and not brag about it, but not ignore or downplay it either.
·      I’m going to be realistic about what’s not good in me and not overblow it or ignore it either.
·      I’m going to be grateful for all the gifts I’ve been given.
·      I’m going to Get Started and Keep Going.

That is the to-do list of someone who loves himself.  It’s a good list.