Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Letter to You

Dear _________________,
I have some thoughts and questions for you to consider.  Have you taken stock of your life?  This is not meant in a negative way or as a criticism, but have you taken serious stock of your life and seen how far you have come?  Perhaps you are used to looking at your failures, your limitations, your setbacks, your sins and mistakes and making these the measure of who you are and what you’ve done.  Most of us do this.  But this is a view based in fear.  It is a view that keeps us conveniently and familiarly oppressed and depressed.  Let me ask again:  Have you taken serious stock of your life?
For example, if you are reading this, that means you can read.  Millions of people can’t. 
It also means that you know at least the basics of how to use a computer and the Internet.  That alone gives you access to almost all the knowledge in the world. 
If you are considering these words, then you know how to think.  The power of thought can literally take you anywhere. 
If you are reading this from your home or apartment, then you have a place to live.  That means you know how to earn or access money.  Money creates freedom and choices.  So you have at least a little of both, which is far more than millions have.
Perhaps you had to get up to read this.  That means you probably have your health.  What limits are on the healthy person?
Have you taken serious stock of your life?  Have you looked at yourself as you really are?  Do you realize that you are strong, capable, and even, dare I say it, powerful?  Is it possible that every limitation on your life is one you have imposed upon yourself or allowed others to impose on you (which is almost the same thing)?   Look how far you’ve actually come.  Seriously.  Look how far you’ve come. 
So here are the big questions:
Can you go further?
Can you do more?
Can you be more?
I’m not saying you have to be.  If you’re happy with every area of your life, then stop reading this and go enjoy that life.  But if there’s even one area you can change, would you?
Can you make more money?
Can you have better relationships with those you love?
Can you be more peaceful?
Can you serve the world?
Can you live in a place that suits you or make the place you live in suit you?
Can you be more organized?
Can you be kinder, to others and to yourself?
Can you live from the truth that you have been capable and can be capable still,  and not out of other people’s opinions or even your own opinion?
Can you acknowledge the difficulties you’ve already overcome in your life?
Can you recognize how far you’ve come?
Can you go further?
I’m not saying you can do everything, or even anything, but can you do more?
Can you do the thing your heart longs for, that your heart has longed for, for years?
Can you do things differently?
Can you see yourself the way you were meant to be seen?
Can you make large changes or even small ones?
Can you be the person you were meant to be?   You have been before.  Can you be that again?
Can you live your life from your strengths and your contributions and your unique experiences? 
Can you share your gifts with the world in the way they were meant to be shared?
Can you make the world a better place?
Can you make your world a better place?
Can you Get Started and Keep Going?  You have before.  Can you do it again?
You can.