Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Calmly and Consciously

We don’t always know the consequences of our actions, positive or negative.  Using a negative example, I was once cut off while driving and the car ahead of me kept going, as I plowed into a car stopped at a red light destroying my own car, putting myself in immense pain and deep debt.  I’d like to think that the driver at fault was completely unaware of his or her actions and so drove on.  On a more positive note, in the last two days, two people separately told me how meaningful my blogs were to each of them.  One person said he gets up every morning and reads my blogs.  The other person said she felt as if my blog were a lifeline in a difficult situation.
I had no idea. 
I write for my Muse and myself.  I write for God.  I write because I feel like something is missing in me if I don’t.  What I write may not even be any good.  It certainly isn’t popular…yet.  But it doesn’t matter.  I still need to write. 
In some ways this is getting harder because I have absolutely no idea that any of this will pay off.  It’s not that I’m writing for the money.  I’m not.  At the same time, if someone offered me a huge cash advance to do this for a living, I would be ecstatic.  So, yes, I’m doing this for the money.  And I’m not.  I do this because I almost have to.
At the same time, this is a conscious decision.  I have calmly and consciously decided the following:
·      I want to spend the rest of my life with my Muse.
·      I want to write.
·      I want my house on the beach.
This, I think, is how the best decisions are made – calmly and consciously.  They aren’t made from anger, regret or even fierce resolve or inspiration.  It’s not that those feelings don’t or can’t come into play later, but again, the best decisions I’ve ever made were made calmly and consciously.  A decision was made and then carried out.  That’s one of the reasons I write.  It was a calm and conscious decision. 
Pursuing Purpose requires this mindset because passion and resolve come and go.  Anger and regret come and go.  Inspiration barely lasts a day.   That’s why I need to be inspired so often, because it never lasts long.  But I can carry out a calm and conscious decision every day. 
I can write. 
I can start my business. 
I can get a job. 
I can go back to school.
I can get out of debt.
I can pursue my goals.
I just stay calm and conscious no matter what happens.
The picture I have in my head is walking.  I’m walking through all kinds of terrain and all kinds of weather.  Sometimes my surroundings are hostile and at other times they are helpful.  Sometimes I walk alone and other times I have traveling companions.  Sometimes I get tired and take a break, but then I start again.  Sometimes I get knocked down.  But I always get up.  Always.  And I keep walking.  I don’t have to go fast, though I can if I so choose.  But I keep walking.
Calmly and consciously.
And that’s how I reach my goals. 
I just keep walking.
One foot in front of the other. 
I Get Started and I Keep Going.  Calmly and consciously.