Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Just a Few Thoughts

This will be a very quick blog because I woke up late.  Though it will be quick, I still want to write something of substance and something that will bless others, so I will share some things that have encouraged me and will hopefully encouraging anyone who reads this.  Some of the following thoughts are not mine, but I still find them worth sharing.  Others are mine.  All of them are lessons I have learned and continue to learn.
·      I want to move quickly today, without being rushed, especially in the morning.
·      Epictetus was right when he said, “It’s not the thing; but how we view the thing that affects us.”
·      Gratitude is extremely helpful in improving my mood.
·      So is action.
·      So is prayer.
·      So is tapping.
·      So is drinking water.
·      So is having a goal.
·      My goal is my house on the beach.
·      I’m very grateful for my health, for my Muse, my children, my job and my car.
·      Life is a gift.  I’m really, really blessed.  Most of us are.
·      I’m going to write a short blog today so I can  take care of my other responsibilities.  That’s okay.  It’s not always good to be rigid.  Life is not a formula or a rule.  Neither is  creativity.
·      It’s sometimes good to have a long-term view of things.  I don’t have to accomplish everything every day.  Over the period of several days, however, I should be able to accomplish many things.
·      If I can stay present in each moment, I can be joyful in each thing that is put before me.
·      Every responsibility I have is a gift and an opportunity.  I want to embrace them all.  If I can’t then it’s okay to let some go.
·      My goal is my house on the beach.
·      My goal is my house on the beach.
·      My goal is my house on the beach.
·      It is time to Get Started and Keep Going.