Monday, February 24, 2014

My Day

I wanted to write so badly tonight that I was tempted to dismiss my class early and get home as quickly as possible, just so I could write.  I didn’t give into the temptation, but I’m glad to be here anyway.  Even with all that, I still dawdled for about a half hour before I began writing.  The Enemy never lets up.   Today was a hard day and I am facing an uncertain future.  Of course, I’m always facing an uncertain future.  It’s just that some days that’s more obvious than others.  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. 
Well, actually yes, I do.           
Tomorrow morning I will wake up between 5:00 and 6:00 and write three pages by hand.  This will be in a private journal that I share only with my Muse.  These are called the Morning Pages and I got the idea from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way – A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.  Then, depending on the time, I will write a blog.  After I finish this, I will shower and shave and have breakfast.  Then I will go help my two youngest daughters get ready for school and I will take them.
After that I will go to my first job.  This is where I write resumes and teach people how to get jobs.  Depending on the needs of the day, I may not do either of those things.  Every day here is a little different.  In some ways, I feel redundant in this job because my coworkers all do the same thing and they are all very, very good at it.  They’re good people and I feel privileged to work with them.  And I’m learning humility and new skills.
Then I have about two hours to eat lunch and prepare for my middle-school math class.  This is a brand new job for me and I’m still learning it.  I think I can make a difference, but I don’t have much time.  I’m working with a group of kids, most of whom don’t want to be there.  I like this age though.  And even though these kids are loud and boisterous, I like them.  I’m learning humility and new skills here, too.  But I have to learn fast on this job.
After that, I have an hour to eat and prepare for my ESL class.  I’ve been teaching ESL for almost nine years now.  That’s as long as I was in elementary education.  Even though it’s a Level 2 class, the students are at various levels, which is normal for most ESL classes.  Every night I try to do something different.  The only thing I don’t like about this job is working at night.  Other than that I have no complaints.  I like my supervisor and my coworkers. And even though I’ve had this job the longest, I’m learning humility and new skills. This job is fun and I love my students.   Of course, I love the students in all three of my jobs.  
After my evening job, I will go home.  On the way home I will listen to an audio book.  When I get home I will have dinner or a snack and write another blog or my first blog for that day.  I am still working towards my goal of 500.  This is 451st blog, so I’m almost there.  Depending on the time and my energy level I might read a book or a comic book.  Then I will go to bed. 
That will be my day tomorrow and for many days.  I still have the goals I wrote with my Muse in September.  I want to read 200 books (not by September) and at least 10 of them should be on money (by September).  I’m also reading The Brothers Karamazov and several other things.  Every day I’m working toward moving into my house on the beach.  So the uncertainty of my life doesn’t change my goals or my determination.  In fact, it may enhance it.  In times of crisis or upheaval, it’s even more important to stick to routine, especially if the routine moves me toward my Purpose.  I don’t want to give too much time to sadness, fear, anger or anything else that keeps me from my goals.  The only thing that matters is getting that house on the beach.  The only thing that matters is that I Get Started and Keep Going.