Tuesday, February 18, 2014

If You're Reading This....

I only have a few minutes, so I'm not even going to write a first draft.  I'm just going to say, "Good morning!"  to everyone.  Today is a big day.

  • Hopefully, it will be a big day for everyone I interact with.  
  • Hopefully, today I will be filled with positivity,  Presence and Purpose.  
  • Hopefully, the Presence I will be filled with will be God's.
  • Hopefully, I will make a difference.
  • Hopefully, my Muse will go with me even though I won't have much time today.
  • Hopefully, I will be full of hope, joy, love, peace, patience and diligence.
I want to be successful so that others can be successful.  I have three different jobs and in each of them, people need me to do well so that they can do well.  I need to do well so that they can see that success and change and growth are possible even if it takes effort.

If you're reading this, pray for me and pray for those I am serving.  

Pray that I can teach people to Get Started and to Keep Going.  

Pray that I will do the same.