Monday, February 24, 2014

A Prayer for You and Me

This is my prayer for today for you and for me:
Dear Father in Heaven, dear Father here with me,
Give me not only strength for the day, but joy and gratitude as well.
Calm my mind, my heart, my spirit and even my body.
Let me be a blessing to everyone I encounter.
Teach me to be happy today.  Happiness is good.  I don’t want to be just tolerant or patient.  I want to be happy.  That makes it a lot easier to be tolerant and patient.
If any of my relationships were intentionally or unintentionally damaged, I pray that you would bring healing.  Help me to be the first to extend that healing.
Give me energy for the day.  Help me to take care of the body you have given me.  I pray for time and opportunity to exercise.
Help me to use my time well.  Every minute is a gift from You.
Give me wisdom and joy for all the tasks put before me today.
Remind me to smile.
Remind me to breathe.
Help me to be sensitive to the suffering of others.  The truth is that everyone I work with and serve is suffering in some way.   They all have some kind of need and they want my coworkers and me to help them ease or end that suffering.  (In some cases I have no coworkers.)  Help me to remember that my job is to bring hope and help.
Help me to be strong and firm when that is a required part of the job.
Thank you for helping me to start the day with You.
Thank you for the gifts You’ve given me.
Thank you that I am healthy and creative.
Thank you for all the privileges You’ve given me.
Let me a blessing today.