Friday, February 14, 2014

"A Million Ways to Laugh"

“There’s a million ways to laugh. 
And every one’s a path.
Won’t you join together in the band?”

Pete Townshend – Join Together

I love these lyrics.  There are a million ways to laugh.  There are a million ways to joy.  Maybe more.  Here are some of the ways I’ve found joy in the last few months:
·      Writing
·       Publishing my first book3
·      Getting help for those times I’m stuck
·      Working on my blogs even when I’m tired and falling asleep
·      Doing a radio show
·      Learning different ways to be peaceful
·      Waking up early in the morning
·      Cleaning my place
·      Making money
·      Exercising
·      Helping people
·      Trying to become a better man
·      Finding my Purpose
·      Remembering to Get Started and Keep Going
·      Becoming more focused
·      Getting new opportunities. 

There are more and I'm grateful to my Muse for all of it.  I’m sure, but I’m falling asleep.  I want to get up and write first thing in the morning, so I’m going to sleep now.   Tomorrow I’ll write more and better.  Tomorrow I want to get one step closer to my house on the beach.  Plans are already forming in my head.
This is a short blog, but at least I did it.
I’m one step closer to my house on the beach.