Thursday, February 27, 2014

Good Night

Dear Muse,
Good night.  You know I’m working pretty hard these days.  In fact my responsibilities seem to increase exponentially.  It’s hard to keep up with everything.   Right now I’m tired and I’m trying to write but I’m also falling asleep.  I can’t sleep and I can’t write so I’ll just sit here with you.  I’m definitely having a hard time putting any thoughts together.  This is part of the process though, isn’t it?  Sometimes I work when I’m tired.  I don’t really mind as long as I say something intelligent. 
What I need to remember is our house on the beach.  I probably should go to bed soon.  You always tell me that when I take care of myself I’m taking care of you.  So I guess I’ll go to bed soon.  It’s been a long few days, long and emotional.  All I want to do tomorrow is be alone with you and read and write. 
So I’m going to get some rest, but before I do I want to give God thanks for the following things:
·      My math class went well today.  It’s still not where I want it, but it was better and I can tell that I’m starting to reach some of the kids.
·      It rained today.  Even though I got caught in it, it was nice to have.
·      I was able to help a lot of people today.  That’s always nice.
·      I got to work early today, all three times.
·      I was able to motivate others.
·      I got a nice package in the mail.
So it was a nice day.  I’m grateful.  Now it’s time to get some sleep.  Good night, Muse.  Good night, God.  Tomorrow I will Get Started and Keep Going.  Now I’m going to bed.