Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Very Short Blog

It’s been a long day.  It hasn’t been a bad one, just a long one.  On the plus side, my middle daughter turned 11 today and she had a good day.  I got two blogs written, a radio show done, a bill paid, and I walked.   I also made some sales on eBay and making money always makes me happy.  On the negative side, I have some issues lingering and there’s nothing I can do but see how they resolve.  I’ve been fighting fear, but I’ve also been working. 
Action is what’s required, especially if I’m fighting fear, depression or anger.  So what I expect to happen is that I’m going to write this blog, my 420th and by the time I’m done I will feel better.  I need to feel better.  This is the worst part – the part that feels like fear is going to overtake me.  I hate this part.  I fear the fear the most.  I fear the darkness that envelops me when I get like this.  Fortunately, I was able to tap on it, and my fears all but vanished.   I’m able to think clearly again. 
“You must control your thinking,” says Earl Nightingale in The Strangest Secret.  So that’s what I’m doing.  More accurately, I’m monitoring my thinking.  I’m aware when I’m sad or afraid or happy or calm.  If something negative comes up, I do something to direct it otherwise. 
Right now what I’m going to do is go to bed.  Sleep may make everything look better.  It’s just hard not knowing how things are going to work out.  So I’m going to Get Started and Keep Going…but I’m going to do it tomorrow.  This may be my shortest blog yet, but it’s okay.  They’re my blogs and there are no rules regarding their length.  I need some sleep.  I’ll probably feel a lot better.
Before I go to sleep I want to give thanks for the following things:
·      Flowers
·      My health
·      That Isabella had a good birthday
·      The book This Is It by Alan Watts
·      That I can choose my thoughts and emotions
·      My place
·      My car
·      All three of my daughters
·      That I sold some things on eBay today
·      My job
·      Food
·      Coffee
·      Sleep