Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stream of Consciousness

I am exhausted, but I’m really going to try to write two blogs a day, so here I go. The only reason I’m doing this is because I said I would.  What I didn’t say is how long each blog would be or what the content would be.  So I’m going to write something, anything, just to get a good start on my new commitment.  Here is a stream of consciousness list:
·      I’m tired.
·      Don’t give up.
·      Keep going.
·      You will be proud of yourself for doing this.
·      Drink more water.
·      Remember that healing is available in a number of ways.
·      Being in Purpose is one of them.
·      Don’t give up. 
·      When I’m done, I will be glad and proud of myself.
·      We are all, each of us, stronger than we realize.
·      I like being in Purpose.
·      I like the number of ways I can be in Purpose.
·      Don’t give up.  One word in front of the other.
·      What a crazy goal.  I just started and it’s already hard.
·      Soon I will be asleep, but I will sleep better knowing I’ve done my best.
·      That’s all we can do is our best.
·      I believe God loves me.
·      I believe it more each day.
·      Discovering my Purpose and acting on it has changed my life.
·      There are people who don’t know me who think they can judge me.  Let them.  I have better things to do.
·      I’m glad to be alive. 
·      This is all I can do.
·      I know this blog is shorter than most.  It doesn’t matter.  This was my best for this time.
·      Get Started.
·      Keep Going.
·      Good night.