Saturday, October 19, 2013

250 Blogs and Other Things to Be Grateful for

I am so glad to be here.  It’s been a busy day and I haven’t written a word.  I just found out that I’m going to need to put $700 into car repairs, not including the $200 I had to do today.  In addition, I have a headache and I’m only on my first blog of the day.  So, in light of all my frustration and troubles, there’s only one thing to do:
Practice gratitude.
Sometimes I think the word practice needs to mean avocation, like a medical practice or a legal practice.  It should become what we do most of the time.  It should be something we train ourselves to do.  We might even need years to develop it, until we’re really good at it.  Gratitude should be a full-time position.  It should be constant and regular. 
So here are some things I’m grateful for:
·      My health
·      That people love me.
·      For my job
·      The fact that, though it has problems, my car runs.
·      The fact that I live in San Diego, where the weather is almost always nice.
·      That I have a nice place to live.
·      That I can read.
·      That I have not just one, but many ways to cleanse my mind of fear and negativity.
·      I have a quiet place to work on my writing.
·      For my mind.
·      For opportunities to do blogs, radio shows and eventually videos.
·      That I have a lot of energy.
·      That I have three beautiful daughters, one who just called right now and needs a ride.
·      For the power of gratitude as a means to change my attitude and reveal the truth to me – that life is good, precious and a gift.
·      For the fact that even though I got almost no time, I used the time I had well.
·      For the quick nap I got today.
·      For the ability to smile.
·      For the fact that while facts may be real, all my problems are in my head.
·      I’m grateful that even though this will be a short blog, at least I did one and at least I feel better than when I started writing.
·      I’m grateful that this is my 250th blog.
·      I’m grateful that no matter how difficult things are I can always, always, always Get Started and Keep Going.