Thursday, October 10, 2013

An Open Letter to Lisa Nichols, Jonae, Margaret, Nicole, Allyson and Susie

Napoleon Hill
“The future depends on what you do today.”

“You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.”

Dear Jonae, Lisa, Margaret, Nicole, Allyson and Susie;
Tonight I saw a comment on the group page that said, “Congratulations on your harvest, Robert Farrell!”
Thank you for the very kind words.  Unfortunately, this is not a harvest.  This is only the planting, and the planting of a seed at that.   This is the planting.  And only part of the planting at that.  What I have done here is the result of about four years’ work.  And only part of the work at that.  I am just starting.  But I am not stopping.
Here is my plan.  This will be one of many books.  My goal is to write for a living.  “Speak and Write to Make Millions.”  Honestly, I don’t need millions.  I wouldn’t turn it down.  I’d like to provide for my kids and my grandkids.  I’d like my cottage on the beach.  So, no, I wouldn’t turn any money down.  But if I suddenly won the lottery, it wouldn’t solve my problems.  A lot of people think it would, but these are often the same people who don’t do well with money because they don’t know what they should do with it.  I’d like to help a lot of people by teaching them to help themselves.  Not just with money, but in life. 
The only way people can help themselves is by taking action.  There’s no other way to change one’s life other than clear decisive action.  It doesn’t even need to be clear.  It just needs to be action.  Even the wrong path can sometimes be a step in the right direction, because it can serve as a guidepost. 
“Just move, people!  Do something!”  That’s what I would say, because there are only two things we can really do.  We can rest completely in our faith while working as if we had faith only in ourselves.   
So I took action by writing blogs and writing down my goals and doing radio shows and, finally, publishing a book for the first time.  I’ve taken other actions, but it all started with one action, which led to another and another and another.  Now I have my first published book.  But it doesn’t stop here.  I have to take two more actions.
First I will tell as many people as possible about my book.  Then I will ask the same number of people to buy at least one copy each.  Telling people about the book will be easy.  It’s a collection of original sayings that I posted on Facebook.  They are meant to be positive and hopeful and inspiring.  They are for me.  Sometimes I still can’t believe I wrote them.  I find many of them very powerful and moving as if someone else wrote them.  The reason I put them into a book is because people asked me to do this.    It was a good idea.
The second part is harder.  I need to ask people to buy my book.  It should be easy because I believe in my work, but because it’s hard to ask for money.  Still, it’s not like I’m begging.  I have a product worth buying.  I’d buy it if someone else wrote it.  So here’s what I want.  If you’re reading this, I want you to buy my book.  I want you to buy one for yourself and one for each of your friends.  I want you to spread the word.  My book is that good.  It will brighten your day and many other people’s day.  And all I’m asking for is a few dollars so I can move forward with other dreams. 
If Lisa can get out of South Central Los Angeles, get away from crazy men, survive jail or single parenting, then I can reach my goals, too.  I can do it, too, No Matter What.  But I can’t do it alone. 
Am I being too forward?  Too bold?  Perhaps.  But this is action.  I am asking for what I want.  Your response is not up to me, but if I don’t ask then I haven’t done my best.  And that’s what action is ultimately about: doing my best.
So buy this book.  Buy as many as you can.  Tell your friends.   If it doesn’t make your day better, I’ll give you your money back. 
That’s it.  That’s my response to your good wishes, to the coaching and to that great weekend with Lisa and company in San Diego.   It’s also my response to Allyson, Margaret, Nicole, Susie and Jonae, and to everyone else who encouraged me.  Thank you. 
I would write more, but it’s time for me to Get Started and Keep Going…and to take more action.