Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Purposeful List

Robert Orben
Things I’m learning as work towards my goals.
  1. It’s not that easy. 
  2. It’s  easier than not having any goals at all.
  3. Constant focus is key.
  4. It’s supposed to be hard.
  5. It’s supposed to be fun.
  6. When it’s all done, no matter how hard it was, what I’ll remember most is the fun.
  7. There will be moments during this time when I will also be having fun.
  8. My enthusiasm will wax and wane during this time.  That doesn’t matter.
  9. None of my emotions matter unless determination is an emotion.
  10. The more I work, the better I get.
  11. There are no shortcuts except the shortcuts I learn as I’m doing my work.
  12. No one, I mean no one, can do this for me.
  13. Doing anything around my work, especially talking about it, trying to motivate myself, or preparing for it, is not doing my work.  Only doing my work is doing my work.
  14. Studying helps and is highly recommended but don’t let it be a substitute for the work.
  15. Anything and everything can be used to create material for my work.
  16. Anything and everything will be used to keep me from doing my work.
  17. If I am not experiencing some kind of pressure from the Enemy then I am probably not moving in my Purpose.
  18. Every time I sit down to write, suddenly get tired or hungry, no matter what time of day it is.  The fatigue and hunger mysteriously disappear when the work is done.
  19. Sometimes when I sit down to write, I get a headache.  That also disappears when my work is done. Sometimes it doesn’t.  It doesn’t matter if my work is done.  I can take a pain reliever.
  20. The Enemy is unfair and relentless.
  21. My greatest Enemy is me.
  22. My greatest friend can also be me.
  23. Do not be surprised if someone close to you tries to keep you from being in Purpose; be surprised if they don’t.
  24. There are a million reasons to not be in Purpose.  All of them are true, but none of them are honest.
  25. I’m either in my Purpose or I’m not.  I have found no middle ground.
  26. The Purpose of my work is love.
  27. Another Purpose is to make the world or my part of it a better place.
  28. Another Purpose is because I was created to do this.
  29. A result of being in Purpose is greater self-esteem.  This is guaranteed if I do my work.
  30. Another result may be money, status or recognition.  These are not guaranteed.  In fact, I wouldn’t count on them.
  31. At the same time, I would work as though money, status and recognition were guaranteed as long as I did my work.
  32. Beware of money, status or recognition.  They may get in the way of Purpose.
  33. When I am in Purpose, it truly doesn’t matter whether or not people follow me. 
  34. Most likely people will follow me though.
  35. I may fail to reach my goal, but I have not failed because at least I set the goal and worked toward it.
  36. It’s often good to have more than one Purpose.
  37. It’s often good to not have too many Purposes.  Five to seven is enough for me.
  38. Before I start writing, I say a prayer.  It goes like this:
God, may this bless You.  May it bless the world.  May it bless my family and friends.  And may it bless me.  Guide my heart, my head and my hands.  Amen.

  1. Time management is crucial. 
  2. I find using every moment I can to be in Purpose is the best time-management plan.
  3. If your Purpose keeps you from loving others, being kind or being honest, then you are not truly in your Purpose.
  4. I truly can’t imagine my life without Purpose.  Well, I can because I certainly spent enough time being there; I just don’t want to anymore.
  5. If I stay in my Purpose then my body of work will be here long after my body is gone.
  6. Before that time, I plan to have the fullest life possible and being in Purpose will help me achieve that.
  7. It’s time to Get Started and Keep Going.  It always is.