Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Having a Good Day Every Day

“A good answer to ‘Good morning’ is ‘Yes, it is.’”


Peace Pilgrim

“For myself I am an optimist -- it does not seem to be much use being anything else.”

Winston Churchill

I have never felt less like writing than I do now.   It’s not that I can’t think of a topic (although I can’t), it’s just that I simply don’t feel like writing.   I’m a little irritable actually, probably from not enough sleep.  So I’m probably not going to write a blog tonight, or if I do, it will be a short one.  Mostly I just want to do one of two things, chat with a friend or get some sleep.  Plus I don’t really have much to say.
Actually, I probably do.  I was going to complain about things that were bothering me, but really, at this moment I have nothing to complain about.  I’m safe and warm and healthy.  My work is done for the day.  I think I did a good job of teaching today.  The students seemed happy and engaged and there was a lot of laughter as well as learning.  I feel pretty fortunate to have the job I do.
I also had good interactions with my children.  I worked something out for my youngest so that she could ride her bike to school with her sister.  That made me happy.  I also got to take my oldest one to softball practice and it was nice to have time with her. 
Finally I had nice conversations with different friends today.  That also made me happy.  Honestly, there was more good than bad today.  In fact, the only bad I can think of is that I didn’t get enough time with my middle girl today.  I was feeling worried about some things, but there wasn’t actually anything bad happening except the worrying itself.  Most of the problems I had today were in my mind, which means I had very few problems at all.
I wonder how many days I have like that.  I wonder how many days I have where I have no actual problems but the ones I create in my head.  What if I were aware of that?  What if even the problems I had were, on closer examination, not issues that couldn’t be solved or resolved?  What would that mean?
It might mean that I have few or no problems.  Is that an amazing thought?  I know it’s not an original one, but it’s amazing nonetheless.   I could go through a day, most of my days with few or no problems.  What a concept!  Of course, it would require certain commitments:
·      I would not be allowed to complain verbally.
·      If negative thoughts arose, I would have to deal with them lovingly, firmly and quickly.
·      I would have to stop judging others.
·      I would have to stop judging myself.
·      I would need to smile more.
·      I would need to express gratitude more often.
·      I would need to be aware of the needs of others.
·      I would need to breathe and be calm.
·      I would need to get at eye-level when I talk to my children.
·      I would need to trust God.
·      I would need to not have too many needs or wants.
·      I would need to deal honestly and quickly with things that are hurting me.
·      I would need to ask forgiveness when I hurt others.

Nothing I listed is too difficult.  I think I will try this tomorrow.  Then I can have another good day.  I can Get Started and Keep Going… and have a great day every day!