Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Keep Writing

Thomas Carlyle


I hate it when I feel like I can’t write or when I feel like what I’m writing is garbage.  Still, I keep writing.
Sometimes I feel full of doubt.  Or I’m tired and angry.  Still, I keep writing.
I never feel like I have enough time to write.  And sometimes my house on the beach seems so far away.  In fact, this week it feels like it got a little further away.   Still, I keep writing.
This is the Enemy at its finest, telling me I’m done, that I have nothing left to say.  Still, I keep writing.
I keep writing.
I keep writing.
I keep writing.
I also keep working.  By working I mean the following:
·      I keep studying.
·      I keep the commitments I’ve made.
·      I keep free of unnecessary entanglements of my time, energy, money or emotions.
·      I keep my vision in front of me.

But most of all I keep writing and reading seem to be the things that free me the most.  They give me perspective and freedom.  When I am writing or when I am studying, I feel great love for and commitment to the people I love and am called to serve.  I feel peaceful and clear and clean.  I feel strong and sure of myself, but not in an arrogant or cocky way.  Actually, I’m not thinking much about myself at all and in this way I am most able to be myself.  Carl Rogers said, “What is most personal is most general.” 
That’s another reason I like writing.  Although I rarely share specifics, I think the personal things I share can be generalized into many other people’s personal experiences.  I’m not the only one who struggles with loneliness, procrastination or fear.  I’m not the only on who has deferred his dreams for years because of the fear of other people’s opinions.
I have friends who I believe really need to make some changes in their lives.  This is what they have told me.  But they don’t.  And I don’t know whether I want to kick them in the pants or give them a hug or do both.  I understand the fear and I think I would do almost anything to make them change their lives.  But it’s not in my hands. To those who want to make changes but find the prospect too overwhelming, I offer this:
·      Do something, anything, big or small, to move towards your new life.
·      Do something every day, every single day. 
·      Stop talking about the changes you want to make.  Really.  Stop talking; just do. If you don’t want to do something, then stop talking about it, until you do.
·      If you must talk, be sure it is only for the express purpose of clarifying tangible steps you’re already committed to taking. 
·      Do not talk to people in hopes of getting advice.  The advice is generally useless because most advices seekers want attention, not direction.  They have no intention of following it.  Most of us don’t need advice.  We need to act.
·       Do not talk to people in hopes of being rescued from your troubles.   No one can rescue you but you.  If you are offered a helping hand, it is still you who has to reach out to it.
·      The difficulties you may experience in moving forward are literally nothing compared to the difficulties of living in fear.

Those are the things that have worked for me.  My first step was this blog.  Now, 188 blogs later, I have made some long-awaited changes.  I have also made mistakes, but I’ve made more advances.  I learned to Get Started and Keep Going…and I don’t regret a minute of it.