Sunday, August 11, 2013

Do and Be

As a warm-up exercise before writing, I sometimes read some of my previous blogs.  As I was reading, I was struck with a couple of emotions.  I felt pride in my work.  I got clarity about some of my goals.  But most of all, I was struck with the thought, “Why am I wasting my time?  Writing is the most exciting thing in the world for me.  This is where I need to be and what I need to be doing.”
It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I feel grateful to be here.  By here I mean on this planet.  I also mean in my quiet place.  Most of all, “here” means on this computer doing my work.  I am extremely grateful for the privilege of doing my work.  I feel excited, happy and content all at the same time.  These feelings come not only from the work, but also from the decision to sit down and do my work. 
I like being peaceful.  Sometimes I get peaceful when I am doing the right actions.  I sit down and do my work and no matter what I’m feeling, peace comes and my previous emotions fade.  Other times peace comes to me from making an internal shift.  I pray and feel the peace which surpasses all understanding.  Or I breathe slowly.  Or I focus on my inner body.  Or I practice gratitude.  Or I get present in this very moment.   Then soon I’m feeling peaceful and I swing into action.  I start writing or smiling or paying more attention to my kids or cleaning the place.  My lethargy is gone.
My inner and outer worlds are one.  They are connected and part of each other.  So I must be careful and present in both.  In philosophy there is the classic argument, “Is it better to do or to be?”
It is better to do both.  It is not or.  It is and.
While I am doing I want to be
·      Inwardly calm
·      Grateful
·      Aware of God’s presence
·      Joyful
·      Aware of the needs of those around me
·      Focused.

While I am being I want to do
·      The right and necessary actions
·      The activities that move me towards my goals
·      The activities that are part of my calling
·      Things that are fun and meaningful.

What are the results of doing and being?  When I am in the right state of doing and being, 
·      I know what I should be doing or being at each moment. 
·      I can be kinder and more attentive. 
·      I can focus more on some relationships or even choose to end others. 
·      I can drop matters than previously upset me. 
·      I can forgive. 
·      I can ask for forgiveness and correct erroneous or willful misbehaviors.
·      I can experience healing.

What does this have to do with Purpose?   Everything.  Whether I get in the right state of mind by being or doing, the goal is to get in the right state of mind, so I can do and be what I am called to do and be.  Doing and being have much less to do with me as a person as they do with me as a vessel to be used in this world to make it a better place.  The Purpose of Purpose is love.  And the Purpose of love is to let God’s presence be seen and felt in this life I have been gifted with.  To do this I need to Get Started and Keep Going…and do and be.