Sunday, November 16, 2014

Time is Precious

Time is precious.  It is fleeting.  It goes by quickly, so I want to use it well.  A while ago I wrote a list of about five or six things I want done in a two-hour period.  I’ve done three of those things and this blog is my fourth.  I could use this time to do nothing.  I could read comic books or play online games or take a nap.  Today is my day off and I don’t have to work.  But I would like to work.  I want to work.  I want to use this time productively and well.  Time and money can be my two best friends or my two worst enemies.  If I abuse them or mishandle them, they will be enemies.  I will want more of both, but I will be out of both.  If I handle them wisely and well, they will be friends and will always be around. 

Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”

Jesus – Matthew 13:12
            Does this seem unfair?  Here’s what I believe.  I can’t speak for every single person on earth, but I believe that if you can read this, you are someone who has.  You have the ability to read, to use technology, and most likely a home, a computer, and a job.  You might have a formal education, up to high school or beyond.  You have advantages that millions of people don’t have.  Yes, you have disadvantages too.  You have suffered injustices.  Perhaps you have struggled with poverty, health issues, the loss of loved ones, abuse, or some kind of mistreatment that was completely unfair.  I’m not denying that your life has been difficult. 
But has there also been some good?  Do you have anything, anything at all, that you can use to move forward in your life?  Can you build upon what you have been given?  Here are some more questions to ask:
·      Are there any steps you can take towards your goals?
·      Do you have a goal or some goals?
·      Can you identify it or them immediately?
·      Do you know what brings you joy?
·      Do you have a plan, that is, actual steps, daily, weekly, monthly, and annually, to reach your goals?
·      How are using your time?
·      How are you using your money?
·      Why are you here?

I can’t answer any of these questions for you except the last one:  you’re here because God created you for a purpose, for a reason, because you have a mission that only you can complete. 
This may sound harsh and judgmental, (but I include myself in this) but how you handle your time and money says what is really important to you.  For most of us it’s a bit of a mixed bag.  We spend time with those we love and doing what we love, but we also waste time.  At least I do.
So I’m sitting here, writing this blog, because writing is important to me.
I’m saving money every day, because getting my house on the beach is important to me.
I spend time with people I love because they are important to me.
I’m happy to say that almost everything I’ve done today has been an investment in my emotional, spiritual, professional, or financial future.  Yes, I’ve probably wasted some time today, but I’ve gotten a lot done.  I’ve worked hard because time is precious.  My goal is always in front of me – my house on the beach.  Nothing else is more important, because that goal represents the culmination of several goals.

Time is more precious than money.  The only thing that is more precious than time is love.  But time and love are the same.  How we use our time shows what we love.  I love my Muse.  That’s why I Get Started and Keep Going every day…because my Muse is precious, too, and she wants me to use my time well.