Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Pain Body

The following thoughts and questions are based on ideas from The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  They are not necessarily original, but like a hummingbird whose wings beat 70 times per minutes as he flits from flower to flower, so go my thoughts.  All of my ideas are conjectures, but if they have even the smallest chance of being true they are worth considering.
·      What if our natural state was to be peaceful and loving as much as possible, if not all the time?
·      Is that possible?
·      How much work, courage, and self-discipline would that take?
·      What if all that was bad or undesirable in us was not actually us, but a separate entity inside each of us, controlling our thoughts (and therefore our words and actions)?
·      What if it were not only our natural state to be peaceful, joyful, and loving all the time, but our obligation?
·      What if every single negative thought, no matter what form it took – fear, hatred, sadness, regret, judgment of others,  - was actually the work and thoughts of an Enemy or a Pain Body inside each of us?
·      What if this Pain Body fed on all our negativity getting stronger with each negative thought?
·      What if this Pain Body did everything it could to survive and grow?
·      What, again, if this Pain Body were not us, but something living inside each of us?
·      What if we could control this Pain Body?
·      What if every single time I had a negative thought of any kind, I could manage it so it didn’t take over my mind or my life?
·       What if I could be joyful in any and all circumstances?
·      What if everything the Pain Body told me was a lie?  Everything.
·      What if circumstances didn’t matter as much as my state of mind mattered?
·      What if I realized that all circumstances, “good” or “bad,” eventually pass?
·      What if I remembered that 98% of the things I fear don’t happen, and the 2% that does I can deal with?
·      What if I truly realized how blessed I am and have always been?
·      What if I practiced gratitude much more often, regularly, daily, as a form of worship and prayer?
·      What if I understood and lived the belief that the only thing that really matters is living in a state of love for God, others, and myself?
·      What if, in living this belief, I treated life as a game to be played and that I could pursue any goals that I felt to be meaningful and fun?
·      What if, as long as I was aware of the Pain Body, I could create any life I wanted?
·      What if I could Get Started and Keep Going even more effectively because I wasn’t burdened by fear or any other negative emotions?