Monday, November 24, 2014

Reasons I’m not going to write tonight:

Reasons I’m not going to write tonight:
1.     I’m tired.
2.     I’m discouraged that my writing doesn’t seem to be getting much notice.
3.     I may be fighting the Enemy.
4.     I want to get up early so I can write tomorrow.
5.     I need some new ideas.
6.     My life may be taking a new direction.
7.     I might be scared.
8.     I might write less, but not stop writing and be one of those guys like Theodore Roosevelt, who does many things in his lifetime.

So it turns out that I am writing, but only for a little while and only so my Muse knows that I love her.  She may be pointing me in a new direction, but I will need to take some of the same tools.  I may need to utilize what I’ve been learning in the last two years.  My next life path may require even more diligence.
I may have to Get Started and Keep Going even more than I’m doing now.  I may be in for an even harder journey.

I can’t wait.