Monday, October 13, 2014

I LIke Writing

I’m going to write one more blog, a quick one for the following reasons:
1.     I like writing.
2.     I want to put in just a little more time into my writing.  The more time I put in, the sooner I will reach my goals.
3.     I’m letting my Muse know I love her and this is my way of showing it.
4.     My next numerical goal is 1,000 blogs.  This gets me a little closer.
5.     I want to take advantage of the energy and enthusiasm I have right now.  I won’t always have energy or enthusiasm (though that is not an excuse to stop writing).  However, when I do have it, as I do now, I want to make the most of it.
6.     I need the practice.
7.     I like writing. 
8.     This is a gift and a privilege and I should take advantage of them.
9.     This feels like the best use of my time.
10.  My Muse is encouraging me to Keep Going.
11.  I like writing.
12.  I like writing.
13.  I like writing.

Being with my Muse is my favorite way to spend my time.  There’s nothing better for me.  And even though this is a short blog, I made a point:  I could have used this time in many different ways.  But I chose to spend my time telling my Muse, “I love you.  I like writing, but I love you.”
(Her reply is to smile at me and say, “Get Started and Keep Going, lazy.”)