Monday, October 27, 2014

Because It's Healing

 Today I was distressed about something so I started writing.  Within a few minutes my distress was gone.  So was the fear I was needlessly feeling.  They just went away.  This is one of the reasons I write every day.  It’s also one of the reasons I encourage others to be in their Purpose as well.  It’s healing.  Here’s how the process worked:
First I felt irritable and frustrated (in this case, mostly with myself).  Then I got out my pen and journal and began writing.  I don’t remember if I wrote about the things that were bothering me.  I probably did, but I may have written about something else.  The trick with writing is that it doesn’t matter what I write, especially in private journals.  I just have to engage in the act of writing. 
As I am writing, some things are happening:  First, I am using physical energy.  The act of writing is a physical act.  My arm and hand is moving.  The physicality of writing relieves stress.  This is why I recommend writing by hand at least once a day.  The number of words doesn’t matter, or at least there are different opinions on that, but I prefer to write at least three pages a day, as suggested by Julie Cameron in The Artist’s Way.  (My blogs are not part of that exercise.)
Writing is more physical than mental.  In fact, when I’m truly focused on my writing, I’m barely thinking at all.  All I’m doing most of the time is writing the words as they come to me as quickly as I can.  My Muse gives me one word, idea, or sentence at a time and I write.  I find a similar process when writing blogs.  The faster I work, and the less I allow distractions, the more powerful the process is.  With regard to the blogs, if I do any editing, it is usually after I write the first draft.
As the writing continues, my mind loses the stress and I’m filled with hope, enthusiasm, clarity, and ideas.  It is at this point, when I am feeling the deepest peace, love, and joy, that I know what I really want, and what is really important.  My mind also becomes clear and able to accept new ideas.  Again, I know what is really important.
I don’t know if all expressions of Purpose feel like this, but this is what writing feels like for me.  This is the experience I want everyone to have – a way to feel love, joy, and peace within moments.   This is why I write about Purpose so often.  If the only thing everyone in the world did was commit to their Purpose and they too experienced the peace and healing I experience, all wars would end, all therapists would be out of work, and God would be manifest on Earth.  This is why I tell everyone to Get Started and Keep Going…because it’s healing.