Saturday, July 27, 2013

You Are Loved

“With love and patience, nothing is impossible.”
Daisake Ikeda


Here are some reminders for you.  I hope they help you. 
·   You are loved.
·   Love is all around you.
·   If you don’t feel you are loved, then go love someone –  an animal, an orphan, an elderly person, a widow, or a homeless person.  In this way, you can create love.
·   No matter what yesterday looked like, today is a new opportunity.  It really is.
·   If you have your health, you really do have everything.
·   If you don’t have your health, then be grateful for whatever you do have.
·   Do something, anything, to move forward.  And do it every day.
·   Take care of your body.  Eat well, exercise, drink water and get some sleep.
·   Take care of your mind.  Watch what goes into it, because it tends to come out of the mouth.
·   Practice gratitude.  Say “Thank you!” every chance you get.
·   One of the most powerful secrets of life is that we can choose our actions and attitudes. 
·   We can choose our moods.
·   Being in this moment is the most powerful way to be happy and peaceful.
·   The good news is that there are many ways to be in the moment.
·   You can pray.
·   You can focus on a worthwhile task.  Any task you focus on becomes worthwhile.
·   You can breathe slowly.
·   You can be in your Purpose.
·   You can call a friend.
·   You can smile for no reason.
·   There are so many good books to read.  Pick one.
·   Moods do not have to determine our day.
·   Rarely have I seen the process of taking action not be a powerful way to change my mood.
·   We all have our bad moments.  They will pass.
·   Sometimes things need to change.  You will know what and when.
·   It is your life.  No one else’s.  Make your own choices, no one else’s.
·   Don’t look for opportunity; prepare for it.
·   Don’t waste time.
·   If you’re present, then you’re using your time well.
·   Look for the good in every situation.
·   Look for the good in every person.
·   The good news is that there are many more ways to be happy.  I just can’t think of them all.
·   Get Started.
·   Keep Going.
·   Know that you are loved.