Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thank You!

“Saying thank you is more than good manners.  It is good spirituality. “

Alfred Painter

“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say "thank you?’ "

William A. Ward

“If you count all your assets, you always show a profit.” 

Robert Quillen

It’s been a long day, not a bad one, just a long one.  I saw my girls play softball and I got to go to Comic Con.  Tomorrow will be even longer, especially if I get to the con as early as I’d like.  When it’s over, I have to help a guy tear down a booth.  Hopefully the day will go quickly and well.
What I’d like to do is read some comic books and then go to bed.  What I choose to do is write a blog.   I have 14 more to do if I’m going to reach my goal of 175 in a week and a half.  That’s a little more than two a day.  Right now I’m tired and I just want to sleep.  Why is it so important that I write anyway?   Can’t this wait?  I don’t even have much to say.  Wow, I’m tired.
Yet, if I can get just one more blog done then that will make life easier at the end of the month.  This, I believe, is called perseverance.  I’m not good at a lot of things, but I do know how to persevere.  Sometimes, I’ve persevered past the point of a healthy choice.  I’ve stayed in some jobs and relationships much longer than I should have.  Things stopped being healthy.
Now maybe writing this blog past the point of fatigue isn’t healthy either.  I know I probably don’t get enough sleep as it is.  Still, if I can write just a few more lines I can finish.
I saw a lot of homeless people tonight.   I’m grateful that I have a home. 
I saw a guy with a flat tire.  I’m grateful that my car works.
I saw a lot of people who seemed to be lonely and need attention.  I’m grateful for the people who love me.
I saw a lot of people buying a lot of stuff.  I’m grateful that I could buy stuff, too.  I’m more grateful that I’m content with what I have.
I saw a lot of crowds today.  I’m grateful for all the friends I have.
I heard a lot of noise today.  I’m grateful for the quiet times in my life.
I saw a lot of activity.  I’m grateful for the ability to be still.
It was hot today.  I’m grateful for the comfort I often have.
I’m very tired.  I’m grateful that I can still write.  I’m also grateful that I have a bed. 
That’s all I have for now.  Just some gratitude.  But that’s enough to Get Started and to Keep Going.