Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dealing with Delay


Publius Syrius

Here are some things to do when the day is not going as planned.  If some of the advice feels contradictory, that is because there is no formula for life.  Pick what works at the appropriate time.
1.   Stop for a moment.   See if you get can back on track.
2.   Breathe.
3.   Be present.
4.   Make your needs known.
5.   Consider the possibility that events, though unexpected, are actually better.
6.   Consider that your plan may have had flaws.
7.   If you feel that your plan didn’t have flaws, then get back to it as quickly as possible.
8.   Be grateful for what is occurring.
9.   Stop for a moment and write down what you want or need from the day.
10.  Use spare moments to move toward your purpose. 
11.  Get away from events or people that are distracting you.
12.  Smile.
13.  Laugh.
14.  Ask yourself what you might have done to allow or create this situation.
15.  Ask for help.
16.  Ask for God’s help.
17.  Ask how you will feel about this day in a week, a month and a year.
18.  Recognize when the Enemy is getting you away from your Purpose.
19.  Talk to someone, a neutral party about your frustrations.
20.  Find one thing from your original plan, just one, and get it done, no matter what.
21.   Remember that determination is often far more powerful than circumstances.
22.  Remember that it is not circumstances but our responses to them that determine character.
23.  Remember that everything in life, everything, can be used as a lesson.
24.  Don’t complain; just do.
25.  Clean your environment.
26.  Clean your mind.
27.  Clean your heart.
28.  Practice gratitude.
29.  Think before you speak.
30.  Accept what is.  If you can’t, then get to what you want somehow.
31.  Look for what you needed to do differently.
32.  Don’t blame or attack yourself; it’s not your fault.
33.  Don’t blame or attack others; it’s not their fault either.
34.  Take a walk to clear your head.
35.  Get something to eat.
36.  Take a quick nap or meditate.
37.  Ask yourself what is more important at that moment, the people or the plan.  The answer may surprise you.
38.  Understand that interruptions are part of the process and keep moving forward.
39.  Fight the changes with all your might.
40.  Accept the changes with all your heart.
41.  Remember that love is the Purpose of Purpose.
42.  Remember that today is just one day and there is always tomorrow.
43.  Get Started and Keep Going anyway.