Monday, July 1, 2013

150 - We DId It!

Thank God I'm alive!
Thank God I'm alive!

All of the lilies on the hill
All of the lilies on the hill
All of the lilies on the hill
Scented the night

Lilies – Bat for Lashes

“God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow in them.”


I did it.  I reached my goal – 150 blogs.  Wow!  I felt the most celebratory last night when I reached #149 with still a half hour to spare.  Last night I was able to relax for the first time in three weeks.  I reached my goal, I fulfilled my commitment and I felt happy.  It felt good to be alive.  So now what?  First, I want to review what I’ve learned in the last six months.  Then I want to plan my future.
            In the last six months here is what I’ve learned:
·      Few things are more effective or more powerful than action.
·      The only two things that may be more powerful than action are the prayers and support of loved ones as action is taken
·      The more action I took, the more self-sufficient and powerful I felt.
·      By taking purposeful action, I invited the Enemy into my life, but I also invited God in and He is far more powerful.
·      I also invited other people into my life who also had Purpose.
·      Though they seemed like surprises at the time, everything that went wrong was really no surprise.  Very few racecourses are straight lines and very few golf courses lack potential obstacles.
·      When being consistent there will be times when it just feels hard.  That’s okay.  I can still choose to keep working.
·      Determination, I learned, is an emotion that is emotionless.
·      Being in Purpose is fun and life giving.
·      Being in Purpose has been healing for me.
·      I’m proud of the work I’ve done, but I’m even prouder that I did it.
·      There are few things more satisfying than the completion of a worthy goal.
·      Being in Purpose has opened up new possibilities and ideas for me.

Now I’m ready to move forward.  It’s time to start the next chapter.  By the end of July, these are the goals I want to accomplish:  I want
·      To have 175 bogs reached.  I’d like to do 25 a month.  That is a commitment that also gives me some breathing room.
·      To have 25 radio shows done.
·      To get my e-book done and published.
·      To finance my Mini book.
·      To pursue my professional goals.

These goals give me a little more time than my previous goal, but I’m still under pressure.  I have a lot to do and I have to plan and use my time well.  It feels like a challenge but my heart feels full of joy, gratitude and love.
In Wisdom of the Desert, Thomas Merton writes this:

There are two things which a monk ought to hate above all, for by hating them, he can become free in this world.  An easy life and vain glory.

An “easy life” is not easy.  I am not asking for troubles or problems.   There are things I want because I know they will make me happier.  By an easy life, I mean a life where I have no expectations, obligations or commitments.  Many people think that the ideal life is to have no challenges or work, to be on a perpetual vacation or retirement.  That would make me crazy.  In fact, if I have a day off and I haven’t accomplished anything, I am extremely irritable at the end of that day.   It has been said that the average lifespan after retirement is five years if one does not have goals.  I don’t know if that’s true, but I know I do not do well without goals.  I don’t know if being without Purpose reduces my life, but it does reduce the quality of my life.
I’m not ready for retirement. I don’t think I will ever be.  I don’t want to die in bed.  I want to die while I’m writing.  I need to Get Started and Keep Going….and think about my next blog.